Where's the supermodel core?


Around september I read about the incoming supermodel core, which was suposed to be available in the next weeks. But time has passed and the core is not here, neither any news about it.

Is it still being worked on? Any problems with it? Can we still have hope to see it in the next weeks?



I don’t think Twinaphex has had time to work on it. It shouldn’t take long once he gets started but there are some things that have come up that are more pressing.

Just wondering if there is any update on this?

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Any Update on this? Been a year now, we got a great update to the UI a few new cores but no supermodel

Twinaphex has at least started on it, but I don’t think he’s gotten very far. He was planning to knock out daphne core and then move on to supermodel but I believe he’s still working on quite a bit from daphne and may end up dropping it to move over to supermodel.

In the meantime, though, supermodel has passed some really major milestones, so it might end up having been for the best.


Hello,any update on supermodel core? It would be really cool to play Jurassic park arcade on retroarch.

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No, it never panned out, unfortunately.

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