Which Core would you best recommend to play Old NES Bootleg games?

I just found out that some NES Bootleg Consoles ran on a modified system chip that gave them a slightly better graphical edge, and performance, compared to the actual NES.

Which Emulator would be best recommended for Games specifically designed for these NES variants?

I think mame/mess is the only libretro core with some support for those systems.


Wouldn’t it make more sense for someone to upgrade/modify one of the current NES Emulators (that aren’t focused on accuracy) so they have a “VT Switch” in the Settings Menu or something?

I mean, I thought that someone might’ve done it by now…

But that’s just my opinion/suggestion… My first childhood NES experience was a Famiclone with one of those 999999 in 1 Cartridges.

Those are open-source projects, your contribution will most likely be welcome.

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If you are dying to try them out, best route currently is probably the standalone emulator, NintendulatorNRS. I just tried one of the VRT-03 games out and it does work.