Which version of MAME should I use?

I am using the MAME 0.241 romset and was wondering which would be the most compatible MAME core to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

start with the one without a year after it. That’s the one that’s closest to up-to-date.

The current MAME core is version 0.244 i think, on par with the standalone. Your romset is a couple of versions older which means a few games might not run but still close enough to run 99% of it.

Avoid mame2000, mame2003, mame2010 and any mame core that mentions a year in their name. These are ancient and you need ancient romsets to run them.

The good version is mame 2003

This is trolling considering the OP has 3 months old romsets.

Furthermore there isn’t a single good reason to use the mame2003 core, that 20 years old version of MAME has a shitload of glitches, and even if you are playing on a toaster that can’t handle more recent arcade emulators, there are still better alternatives than using mame2003.

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Mame 2003 is based on Mame 0.78. Why would you want something that old? 2003 means its literally from 2003, almost 20 years ago. Even lower powered devices should be able to handle at least Mame 2010 or newer. 2003 is completely useless even for that.

2003 because it is the set recomended by lakka. It’s old sure but i love it. I use a pi3b, for me it’s good. Excuse me for my english i’m french

Please stop saying non-sense, this recommendation is nowhere in the libretro documentation, because using that core is actually not recommended. And again the OP is asking which core is the best match for the set he owns, he is not asking for recommendation.

Moi aussi, mais çà ne justifie pas de dire n’importe quoi juste parce que tu ne comprends pas la question ni de quoi tu parles.

http://lakka.tv/doc/Arcade/ I say that because it’s in the Lakka docs but actually I probably didn’t quite understand the question in English so I’m leaving this discussion where I’m probably off topic you are right. (was with good intention) Have a good day.

This documentation hasn’t been updated since 2016 and is totally outdated, it even mentions cores that don’t exist anymore. The up-to-date libretro arcade documentation is available from https://docs.libretro.com/guides/arcade-getting-started/

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Big thanks for this ! I’m a new user of Lakka very cool for me :+1:

The only reason I have Mame2003-Plus is because I can play Final Fight Anniversary Edition with Sega CD soundtrack. That… is a must. For all the rest, I use the latest Mame version.