Why are some cfg system folders get renamed but not the cores?

I had this issue with some Mednafen cores. As time goes by, more and more folders get renamed from “mednafen” to “beetle”. But the cores themselves keep their old “mednafen” filename.

As a result, all the cfg files you make stop working because the core creates a new folder in the config folder (and in the remaps and shader presets as well) and your files are still in the old ones. So you have to move the cfg/remap/shader files manually in the new folder every time this happens (randomly it seems). I also had this issue today with “FB Alpha folders” getting renamed to “FB Alpha (FB Edition)”.

I understand that there is probably a reason for all these renames but keeping the old filenames makes this a bit confusing. On the other hand, changing the filenames would destroy many setups that rely on correct filenames (like Hyperspin/rocketlauncher setups, those modules are very sensitive). So maybe that’s the reason?

One last question. Seems like most Mednafen cores have their folders renamed to “beetle”. However, Virtual Boy, Supergrafx and Wonderswan didn’t make the transition. So when do these systems become eligible to get the beetle name?

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