Why do i chose a Console over a PC for latest gen gaming purposes

In this topic, i’m gonna explain, why would i chose to purchase a Console for gaming purposes over a Traditional PC . Although, i know how a pc work, i know how to assemble a PC, or choose the right hardware and software, when i have a choice between assemble a $500 PC, or purchase a console, i always go with the console, specially now that PS5 (newest Sony’s Console) is in line And There are several reasons for that:

First reason: i place my time, n effort, research to choose a proper hardware and i have to do each of em separately, and specially in the dumhole country that i’m living, i will always be unsuccessful to find the appropriate hardware with the right price, or prices and availability for each hardware will fluctuate every single day, at the end, i would realize that, i 've spent more than that $500 which i intended to, to purchase the parts, or, i had to purchase different model or brand near, or the same model as i wanted, now it’s not a common problem in a country such as US, Europe, cause they always have eBay and Amazon and other online retailers with competitive prices IF they were unable to find what they’re looking for at a local retailer. So the first reason is not a problem for everyone, just the unlucky ones, who lives in a third world country or somewhere computers and video games are not a common thing.

Second reason is, with $500 budget, or even a $600 budget, i can never assemble a PC which would compete to a custom made gaming console, if u want me to explain more, for example, with that price i may only can afford a GPU which can compete with the custom AMD APU made for the PS5 which have a floating steady 2.3Ghz frequency on GPU and nearly 4 Ghz CPU, and it all are just in one single die or by other mean, a single chipset which contains the heart of any Console In PC side, you can never ever find an APU which can complete with that, aside that, you have to purchase the RAM which as the time of this writing the newest n latest are DDR 4 which can never compete with the shared GDDR6 on the new upcoming console, even with overclocking, which is a different story and have its own hassle, so in combination, u have to purchase a separate high end CPU, a high end GPU, and the RAM modules, Lol and a motherboard of course which on its own, have its own story, which i won’t getting into right now.

Third reason is time, it of course depends of the actual process, u have to purchase your hardware, your software, which also counts if you’ve bought your stuff online cause you have to play the waiting game for at least afew days for them to arrive at your doorstep. And after all that hassle, now u have to sit, test n assemble, and debugging every single one of them and cram them into a boxed metal case. Install the required Softwares n Drivers, and after that it’s just the beginning, and IF you actually done all of them properly, you gonna have a chance hoping to play your favorite games at a decent framerate, which is unlikely if you’re planning to play latest game on a $500 budget machine, unless if you’ve already spent more, which you should.

Fourth reason is the softwares, after you went through all that hell of a process, you need to purchase and install the game softwares, now if you’re a multiplayer gamer, most of those software developers put you through accepting and installing unknown patchs and drivers, which may or may not know what exactly are they doing in your Operating System, for example, you have to install a Kernel Driver for Doom Eternal, which is called Anti Cheat patch by the developers, and it may or may not cause you any problems or any encountering with your other softwares and drivers now or in the near future, that alone, can be the most reason to keep my gaming habit out of my PC. Why would i have to hassle with all those nonesense when i can just buy a game and run it right out of the box without worrying about any of these hellhole ?

And the Fifth reason is the comfort of a high quality Gaming Controller, on a traditional PC i gotta invest extra on a gaming mouse and keyboard which them alone can cost me few hundredths of dollars because i’m sure, there is no chance that you gonna have a proper accuracy and response for gaming purposes with a budget mouse n keyboard, i have to toss my wallet into a brand such as, i don’t know, what the devil of brands are around these days ? In past we had Logitech, Razer, and some others. But with a newly purchased PS5 or an XBOX One the good quality Controller will be right out of the box in my hands, and ready to jump in, plus, most of these new consoles have USB ports which you are able to use a traditional mouse n keyboard for your shooters or other genre games if you’d prefer.

So you see instead of waisting my time on all these, i can just go out to a retailer, or Online no matter which one, and just pay $500 bucks ( it would cost me an extra around $100) duo tax and shipping. But even with that extra that i pay, it still worths both my time and money. Now you have to know, this conditions i explained, only applies that if i want a PC for just gaming purposes, but if i or anyone else wants to do other tasks, that’s a separate matter.

I hope you would use my material into ur consideration and good luck to you all


I’m going down the same route.

This generation was a lesson to learn that a PC will continue to receive bad ports even when it’s several times more powerful than consoles. Segregation also comes into play now with several distributors like Epic Games, Ubiplay or Steam.

The other reasons are more personal. I use the PC to work and always run short of space, and with a console I will find to unify a top of the line multimedia center with gaming, UHD playback and high quality Atmos audio. This generation in my opinion marks a jump similar to the PS3, 360 generation. I will wait until the consoles settle down though.

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Dear @Dogway thank you for listening and reading my topic i really appreciate your feedback and, yes, a PC can do many tasks in hand but, if u only gonna use it for high end gaming, and not much anything else, then, why bother. ? And yes, we would wait for the console settling down on price or if that’s not the case, maybe a slimmer or a less noisier version right xD

Yes, consoles release with inflated prices, bugs and short of features/games, it’s always wise to wait a little if you’re not very impatient lol

Also the new Xbox is going to be a beast!

Oh, forgot to mention the new XBOX :confused: However, at the end, i always buy Both of em Not at first cause i can’t afford both at once but, after awhile i will buy the next one

If you don’t care about retro gaming, sure. Problem is if you do, you’d have to have a console for latest gen AND a PC for retro, instead of just building one PC for both.

No way you can rely on a console to play a limited library of re-releases that may or may not be well emulated (remember the Mega Man X collection with its atrocious input lag).

At least in PC we will always have RetroArch :slight_smile:

RetroArch started as a homebrew on PS3 And also ported to the latest Switch Console And of course will port to the PS4 as soon as it’s hack would be public so, i think we actually can I haven’t turned my pc for years i even do my other chores with my phone I only use pc for transferring files between stuff In past, i used my PC for many things but, now, it’s just, i see no use for it

that is IF you already have a PS4 and even if you do, the really interesting latest developments in emulation (Cemu, Citra, Beetle Saturn, ParaLLEl N64, Play!, etc) won’t run on it. For much of emulation (and emulators yet to come) you would NEED a beefy PC, which would also allow you to play current games all in one box.

PS: I say you NEED a beefy PC because you definitely won’t hack your new PS5/XboxSX as soon as you get them, which means as far as emulation goes they are useless.

You csn use a “high quality game controller” on PC as well. I dont have a console but i still use an XBOX one pad with my PC.

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emmm this topic is like comparing Starcraft 64 to Starcraft Broodwar :grin:

OK seariusly, Console are for casual people who want just buy, plug and play for cheap. Consoles may be better on it, and also has better portability. Consoles are hardware limited tho (what happened with PS5 retrocompatibility?) You have to pay for online (PSN…)


  • Not as much portable as a console but have, much, higuer potential and purposes.
  • Needs higher levels of knowledge on assemblimg and hardware.
  • Many last gen games comes for PC too, with some exceptions.
  • Some games are not suited to play on console (FPS, are overwhelmed by mouse users, RTS and MOBA).
  • Thanks to emulation, you can also play console games with way better enhancements
  • You dont have to mess with each console, and lot of cables and controllers. literally, you can change of console with a pair of clicks.
  • You can selct a way variety of gamepads, and even use console controllers as well.
  • Online? No problem! You can play and connect with your friends anytime!

YOU’RE RIIGHT MY MAAN DON’T MAKE MD CRYYY :frowning: I CAN’T PLAY Saturn or 3DS or in most case, Dreamcast, (cry) (cry) N64 is possible somehow in my Wii U However, i have a medium specs PC for various tasks But, honestly i intentionally meant for high end gaming that’s where i wanted this thread to go, for Retro purposes well, you all right because a PC is more customizable to developers than a Console but, umm, i won’t change my mind for high end gaming purposes because still, a Console would be alot cheaper n better for latest games