Will there ever be a decent media player for RetroArch?

ffmpeg is barebones. It only has a few seek controls. It also crashes a lot. Half of the videos i use to watch in ffmpeg with shaders will crash if i use the seek controls.

This has been the case since ffmpeg was first released. I was wondering, Is there any other core that can play videos that isn’t in the buildbot? Is there one in the works? Anything that can be used as an alternative to ffmpeg so you can watch videos with RA shaders?


You can try the mpv core. https://github.com/libretro/libretro-mpv


Thanks but i can’t seem to find a dll anywhere to download. I can only find the source code which i can’t use.

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Isn’t there anyone using this mpv core that can share?

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FWIIW, current git with its source cores/libretro-mpv/mpv-libretro.c fails to compile from an unknown reference to mpv_audio_callback. Looks like this is not maintained – would it be better to drop it from the main project source and demote it into its own core repo looking for a new maintainer?

And ffmpeg requires the 5.x build, right, but Raspbian Bullseye deploys 4.3. I can confirm that ffmpeg Images work, but not Videos: the “audio” works fine from playing a video but with a garbled picture. And the same holds true running it on Intel Linux with ffmpeg 5 installed.

It’s either a shame or a tease! Well, thanks for the game screenshot integration with Images. :nerd_face:


Is there a reason why it isn’t the default yet? It’s just a question… I mean, it seems logical that mpv is a bit more beneficial from what I’ve heard of it.

it never got mature to the point of surpassing ffmpeg and now has some problems compiling, it seems.

I see… Alright then, thank you for the clarification.