[WiP] Adding Cheat Support to more cores


Yeah, ReDream seems to have much better Quality, and they also have the ability to work better with CDI Images.

Note - Not sure if ReDream has the Issue, but for some reason, in Hydro Thunder, you can not do a Hydro Jump. Think it has something to do with the Analog Triggers. Jump requires Accel ( R ) to be held while holding down the Boost (A), then quickly hitting the Brake (L), then back to Accel ( R ) while keeping Boost held.

As for the FBA2012 Cores, this would help greatly for N3DS Users, since Gateway Codes dont work anymore with Luma3DS CFW under the Rosalina Cheats (supposed to work with Gateway), or the Plugin Loader (Action Replay Plugin that works with GW Cheats better). But also, the Plugin Loader has Issues with ALL RetroArch Cores. 3DS System will crash when RA is Loading up. So if Users want to create Codes, it would have to be with the RA Cheat Search/Creation Feature.