xBR crt effect in Retroarch?

Hello, so recently i bought this sega mega drive collection on steam, while not the best in terms of input lag i do like their xbr crt effect. Was wondering if retroarch has a shader like this?


I was not referring to the crt bezel itself. I’m talking about the crt filter with xbr. Just wondering if retroarch has something similiar. Thanks for the reply.

It’s probably this shader:

The latest RetroArch builds no longer include support for Cg shaders, though.

Ahh i see. That is unfortunate. I found a crt shader that mixes xbr but still not quite the same, its called crt-fast-bilateral super xbr.slangp.

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There’s Hyllian’s crt-super-xbr

The Mega Bezel can also do an effect similar to the image you posted by turning on scalefx and increasing the core res sampling multiplier parameters.

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