Yet More Game Boy Overlays

I know, I know, there’s loads out there already. Even I haven’t looked at them all. But even if something exists on the internet, I like to work on my own version, for me. These are things I started ages ago but only now got round to finishing.

Configured for 4K but you’ll have to work out the numbers for anything else? Included are the config files but make sure you’re not overwriting something of yours.

Hopefully this works?

gba preview


These look awesome. Thanks for sharing!


Amazing! I think I could actually reach in and grab one.


Very clean and professional! A darker background would be nice. :slight_smile:

I made my own from hydef’s original.

If there is any interest, I can upload them in a pack. All credit for the originals still resides with hydef.


Hello, I’ll call you Master. I saw your console overlays that you were making and left some on display months ago. I would like to know if you still intend to make available or finalize these projects of yours? They are works of art.

I will release these first, as I am now finished with these.

Couldn’t do a lot with the GBA, not enough real estate to add anything of any value. The Gameboys, I wanted a sort of relaxed look to them, as that is normally how I play on my real DMG. If there is any interest, I will do some night versions of the above. Will upload these as soon as I have somewhere to host them.


Congratulations, I am impressed with the quality of the work you and Duimon do. Orions and everyone else here with these Overlays and Shaders. You achieve something that we don’t see in the official collections that the big developers do. Capcom, SNK, Konami, Capcom’s Arcade Stadium is in horrible taste. And seeing the work of all of you here, quality and dedication and absurdity. Congratulations to all :+1:

Here are a couple of overlays for Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, and Gameboy Advance.

Unzip that in your Retroarch folder without overwriting any of your own files - The following cores are used, Gambatte - for Gameboy, mGBA - for Gameboy Advance, Sameboy for Gameboy Colour. If you want to use different cores, just make a directory in “config” with the name of the core, and copy files from the directory you want, to the directory you just created. Name the files the same as the directory, keeping the extensions the same.

Lastly, here is a test for mood lighting - this one is a kind of late sunny afternoon, with the sun coming through the window.

Going to try lots of moods, including a night version.


Hello, need a confirmation to download this artwork. Amazing.

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Sorry, I forgot to use “Share with Public”, the link was set to private. Should be ok to download now. And lastly, a big thanks to hydef for the originals.


These look awesome!! Great work to all involved :beers:

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awesome Overlays! It seems the link has expired, could you get link work again?

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I have an unfinished Game Gear overlay here if anyone wants to complete it. I just always wanted to make my own and spent a long time looking for a suitable straight image to start with but now I haven’t got the motivation to finish it.

PSD Link


Hi, can you make a Game Boy Pocket one as well?

I did try working on one over the years but didn’t finish it. Probably best left for someone else to do, think it’s game over for me.

I saved this image yesterday, and I created the overlay from it. I’ve been using it to play Game Gear games. I love it. I’m gonna use this overlay whenever I stream my Game Gear gameplay on Twitch. Thanks. I love how realistic it looks.

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