Yoshi-kun Icons Theme

Here is a WIP theme for XMB made from “Yoshi’s TV Game Icons” collection by a Japanese author (1st folder top-left for games icons).

Icons used for current version:

-from Yoshi-kun website:

-custom made/modified:

The focus is on Japanese systems (Famicom instead of NES and so on). I try to complete it by drawing some new ones.

To have something mostly complete you could:

-Copy and rename RetroArch\assets\xmb\monochrome folder to RetroArch\assets\xmb\custom

-Drop the theme icons in RetroArch\assets\xmb\custom\png folder and replace the old ones.

-In settings>User Interface>menu>menu icon theme select “custom” and restart Retroarch.


Original icons resized to 256x256 are included so that you can use something you’d prefer (NES, SMS…).


I downloaded it but wasn’t able to get it loading in the custom folder. Maybe it’s broken on master.

EDIT: forgot to add them in the png folder haha. It looks great!


-removed some generic looking content icons for more colourful ones -made some logos for machines lacking icons atm (MSX, MSX2, X68000) -drawn some new content icons (Mame, MSX, MSX2, NGP, Sega32x, Sufami Turbo) -used some additional disks icons from Yoshi-kun site (added those in source folder too)

First time I’m trying to make some pixel-art. Some ended quite well but the Sega32x one is still a bit crappy… It’s pretty tough to make those rounded shapes at 32x32.

edit: updated again, forgot to put the stuff I made.

Added Doom and some art from Akumajou Dracula X for main menu items. Modified Mame-content icon a bit.

Soon we can include it in the default theme package.

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-made additional UI/playlist element icons from Dracula X (some modified) -drawn Machine icons for MSX, MS2 and X68000 -some corrections

Added icons for DOS: a Gateway 2000 G6 computer and white floppy from Yoshi-kun website. Corrected MSX and MSX2 models a bit (based on Sony Hit-Bit machines).

That’s it for now, I don’t think I’m going to remake every single sub-items.

Revised some items after all: -msx, msx2, x68000, DOS disks are less generic now -redrawn sega32x and sufami content icons -some slight alteration of Psx and DS content icons

This is too good, include in the default theme package already :smiley:

Just added a Sega Astro City and PCB color variation for FBA games.

You can see it on the theme snapshot on top (haven’t updated the icons SpriteSheet pics).

@Ashura if you have some free time, could you help him to push his theme on the assets repository please?

Sure. Ill do that tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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@Tatsuya79 @Kivutar Opened the PR https://github.com/libretro/retroarch-assets/pull/104

@Tatsuya79 Are you still working on this theme? If so can I make a request for an atari 7800 console icon + cartridge? I tried messing around real quick with photoshop using some pictures from the internet but i’m not good with photoshop.


i really enjoy this cool icons you made i wonder can you make more icon for the systems atomiswave naomi naomi 2 capcom play system 1 2 3

It’s really time consuming, I’m not planning to make more at the moment.
For Naomi systems I’m using the DC arcade stick atm:

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thanks speak about time consuming i made icons for almost the systems also insted have consol or controller i made system clear logo and yes it took some time to make it

and also i made cartoon images also it take time…