Zelda OOT+MM crash on pause menu - Mupen64plus-next

Now that the older Mupen64plus is no longer the mainline, I’ve begun using Mupen64plus-next. The other day when I loaded Zelda OOT, as soon as I hit pause to go to the subscreen, the game crashed. Same with Majora’s Mask. The only info I could find online was in regards to playing Randomizers and ROM compression, but that isn’t the case in this scenario. I ran a log but everything appeared fine, so i’m not sure what could be causing the issue. Any help is appreciated!

Can’t reproduce the issue on either Windows 7 or 10.

What are your system specs? Maybe it’s a driver issue?

Try going to core options, set CPU to interpreter, save the .opt file and reload.

Sorry, should have specified. I’m using Lakka on a PC. I just now tried clearing out the core options and doing what you suggested and it didn’t help.

This is still happening with the latest Lakka 2.3.1 release for Generic PC. Star Fox also crashes at the menu as well. Tried the GLCore driver too and the same thing happens. Still using the same Core i7 6700T with 4GB RAM. No errors in the log file.

It happens on Ubuntu too. I don’t have a debug build handy so I can’t report it yet.

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Gotcha. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Hope something happens soon.

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I just wanted to notify you all, that the problem was fixed! At the time of this writing, I’m on git version: f77c16f from the development branch, I haven’t tested yet the main branch, I’ll report later.

Are you referring to the nightly core builds on the libretro buildbot site or something else?

Edit: nevermind i know what you’re referring to. I’m assuming you compiled it yourself?

The one on the buildbot is the same (I built mine), so yes! the nightly core works!

I guess it’s not ready for Lakka yet, it fails to load on Lakka 2.3.1 for x86-64:

libpng12.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory