1440p Advice?


I’m considering upgrading from a 1080p to a 1440p G-Sync monitor by the end of this year and I wanted some advice regarding shaders and scaling for the following- -Retro consoles that support both 240p & 480i video modes (SNES, PS1, Saturn) -Older arcade games with resolutions higher than the norm (Popeye, Sky Skipper, Paperboy) -Consoles that mainly target 480i (Dreamcast, Gamecube) I’m also concerned about games that switch between video modes for things like menus and title screens and having scanline shaders that line up perfectly in either mode when switching, assuming they exist at all. Any RA users have experience with a 1440p display and how well existing CRT & LCD shaders scale under 1440p? I know 4K would probably be the silver bullet but it’s outside my budget…


I don’t have such a screen, but on paper at least 1440p should be a great option for emulation, better than 1080, since it’s a high resolution 6x integer multiple of 240p (and 3x for 480 obviously). You will be able to fill the screen vertically with no scaling artifacts. Perfect for crt shaders and their picky scanlines.


You can’t actually fill the screen though because of overscan in most cases. NES, SNES and Genesis for example all are effectively 224p, which isn’t an integer multiple of 1440. I like to crop the overscan, so I still end up using an interpolation shader like pixellate or bandlimit-pixel when I’m not using easymode-halation. I think the uneven scanlines in easymode when displaying non-integer are even less noticeable at 1440 compared to 1080, which is great. GB, GBC and GBA resolutions all scale up perfectly to 1440 which is great for grid type shaders like retrov2. 480i consoles like Dreamcast use the full resolution usually so those are fine at integer scale too.