2 new Lakka versions Jan 21 and Jan 24

Having downloaded Lakka-RPi2.RPi4.arm-nightly-2020-01-21 the other day but not yet tried it, I was surprised today to see a newer Lakka-RPi2.RPi4.arm-nightly-2020-01-24 there as well.

Were there issues with the 01-21 version?

Does the online updater now connect to this 01-24 version?

Do you, uh, know that nightlies are built every day?

I understand the term yeah, though I recall not seeing them correspond with literally every night (ie 21 and 24 in this case). I may be mistaken on that though or looking at a different directory.

I don’t know what to answer you honestly

Just the two original questions I guess.

Nightlies are built every night when a commit happened during the day so to find out you need to look at the commit history

It should if you’re running a nightly

@natinusala Looking at this stuff again and thought you might be able help me understand it better…

It seems the current stable build for RPi is named as version 2.3.2 (with the file posted 01-21). The latest nightly build has no version number in the name, but is instead named with the date 01-24.

So this nightly build is more current than the stable build, and if approved would then graduate to being a stable build with a version number as its name (2.3.3 or 2.4 or whatever)?

Nightlies are never stable and are built every day, hence why they are versionned with the date instead of a version number

Nightlies and stable are two separate things, two channels if you want