21:9 border help

I’m having trouble getting the borders to line up on a 21:9 (2560x1080) monitor. Currently it looks like this (sorry for the phone photo, I couldn’t get a screenshot in fullscreen mode):

The border I’m currently trying to use is one of the SNES mini borders. This is designed for a 16:9 screen. Is it possible to still use this? If I increase overlay scale, it also increases the black area between the game and the border.

If I can’t use 16:9 borders, are there 21:9 borders anywhere? I couldn’t find any.

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They’re indeed designed for 16:9.

I don’t know of any collections of 21:9 artwork, but the border shaders should be able to fill 21:9 just fine.

EDIT: yeah, looks fine:


Thanks, it’s much better now. Only thing is this black box around the game:

Do you know why that’s there?

Hmm, dunno about that. What core are you using? Have you tried others? Tried any other games? Now that I look at your top image, it seems it has the border in there, as well, right?

It’s bsnes-mercury balanced. I don’t get the box with other cores, so it must be an issue with that core. I can live with it. I had another question about the imgborder shader. Are you supposed to be able to pick different images? I see that in RetroArch\shaders\shaders_slang\border\textures there are several different textures, but it seems to default to pvm.png and I don’t see a way to change it.

You have to change the reference in the preset file (glslp/slangp).

Ah, yes, bsnes-mercury shows the full 240-pixel height all the time. Dunno about the side stuff, though. That must be in the game…?

If I do that, the texture covers the entire screen.

yeah, it’s meant to work with images that have a hole cut out of them. I think the slang version (and maybe the glsl version, too? I don’t remember) has an option for the image to be “behind” the game viewport. “border on top” with a setting of 0.0, IIRC

I don’t know of any reason that @HyperspaceMadness’ Mega Bezel wouldn’t work, and you would have the freedom of using any background you like, plus a lot of other optional features, (Including a reflection bezel, :grin: and many CRT shaders.)