3D Pinball - Space Cadets

Any way to play this classic on lakka somehow?

The old Windows 95 pinball game? I have the binaries which work fine even on current windows.

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1: DosBox core

2: Install Windows 95

3: cuss and spit about compatibility/drivers/speed

4 Give up and install a full Linux OS with wine and run the windows binary or find Full Tilt Pinball. (where the rest of that Demo came from.)

Long story short, Lakka doesn’t support Windows applications, let alone one that requiresa window manager, nor does it have a core to do so directly. It’s better to just Install a full Linux OS, add RetroArch and the cores you want, add WINE, season with your choice of applications/games and enjoy.

Thanks for the deets.

Now, that does seem to be the major restriction I have. It would be awesome if I could have lakk aitself as a exe, and launch as a regular windows executable as a bootloader for retroarch, which would not only allow me to run the better version of DosBox .74 vs SVN, but also let me play windows games along with all the retro games.

I love Lakka and the x86 compilation is decent, but also lacking. I’m starting to consider other wrappers/skins/loaders from lakka as there have been a fair amount of limitations that I can’t seem to get past.

Lakka is just RetroArch with a minimal Linux distro. So just install RetroArch. You’ll get way better results if you’re going to run it on windows.

Thanks, I just like the wrapper design, wonder if there are other wrappers that have been written for windows specifically, At the same time I don’t like slimming down windows, Windows 7 is pretty decent, but unbloating Windows 10 is painful.

That’s part of why I suggested a Linux distro. No slimming required. And yea win 10 is difficult to deal with. And retroarch gives the same interface as Lakka once launched.the difference being it doesn’t auto launch… by default.

Yeah but I like windows games, without the wine … uhhhh… interpreter? lol

I love that game! Thanks for the thread :100: