[4.1][PC] Downloads Folder

Is it possible to stop the “downloads” folder being created automatically each time Lakka is started. This folder is saved within the “Roms” folder and looks out of place and not required in my setup. I have tried changing the location to /storage/assets/downloads but this folder re-appears each time.


the downloads folder is re-created by systemd based on tmpfiles.d. If it feels out of place for many users, we can add/move/create downloads folder to the /storage and change the default path for RetroArch downloads in future release.

Until then you can create /storage/.config/autostart.sh (or file autostart.sh via samba share Configfiles) and add rm -r /storage/roms/downloads in this file. it will be executed before start of RetroArch and remove the folder (including its content) on each boot.

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Thanks for your reply vudiq. I have added your suggestion :+1:. Tbh, I’ve never used this folder and have no idea what it’s for.


The folder is used by the content downloader :smiley: