[4.1][PC] Manage Remap Files

Since adding “Manage Remap Files” it is no longer possible to append remapped buttons/directional controls. Previously, it was possible to test each combination (button or directional control) and save each time. Now you have to make these changes all at once and if you have make a mistake, you will either need to delete or reset these changes, having to start over again.


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Yeah, i dont get this change. Previously you could test different button mappings and experiment safely, without worrying about the program autosaving your changes. Now you have to revert the changes yourself if you are not happy with them.

So, there is no way to NOT save your changes automatically when you mess up the controls in a game?

Changes are saved manually but I was used to getting each button done one at a time. For example, a game like Nemesis. I would assign the left button as the primary fire, the bottom for missiles and the top for selecting power ups. I guess I could just get all the buttons working and then save at the end. However, if I decided later to assign power up to the right button, I would have to delete the config first and then re-apply. Personally, I preferred how it was.