[4.1][PC] Renaming Buttons

I’ve noticed that buttons in some games are renamed which I think is a great idea. For example, Out Run shows Accelerate, Brake and Gear rather than Button 1, 2 & 3. This is ideal when mapping buttons to a particular action. Is there a file(s) that can be edited to change this?


AFAIK, it has to be done at compile-time. FBNeo has a mechanism for doing this dynamically but MAME has a much more superficial libretro-ization that can’t dig deeply enough into the core to ascertain those labels.

That’s a shame if this has to be done at compile time. Would have been a nice feature for the user to be able to rename these.


It’s part of FBNeo’s code. FBNeo is full of lists like this which i use to generate libretro input descriptors (what you see in the controls menu) at runtime.


Wow, looks like a lot of work involved :open_mouth:. It’s not something that could be setup as button 1, 2, 3, etc internally and then read a config file (assigned to fire, jump, etc) which could be modified by the user?


Nope, we won’t do that.

RetroArch has no such feature.

Ok, thanks for confirming BarbuDreadMon. So each game (arcade) has the correct amount of buttons for that particular game? This is done per game rather than globally? By globally, I mean if 3 buttons were available for every game, regardless of the buttons required.


It’s hardware-based more than game-based, as an example we’ll always send A/B/C/D as button labels for neogeo games, while some neogeo games actually won’t use all of them.

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