[4.1][PC] Tab Function

Is it possible to set a hotkey for the Tab key? As my setup is only accessible via joypad, I would like to be able to get into Mame’s configuration. Most of my arcade roms are accessible from FBNeo but there are a few where Mame is required.


I would think you could do it through the MAME OSD (i.e., the tab menu)

The problem is I can’t get to it at this point. For example, some games require the service function to advance (FBNeo handles this nicely with the play button) but this doesn’t work within Mame. Maybe another key could be used instead of tab but this would need to be preset in the Hotkeys section.


It would be probably better to be able to assign the TAB key feature via remapping to a gamepad button, but this would require modification of the core I guess. Now you can map only (for 1941.zip) these buttons, so adding TAB key to this list would be probably awesome :slight_smile:

Sorry for the outdated version of RetroArch :slight_smile:

It seems that default mapping is to the L3 button. The configuration is however stored in binary format (in savefiles/cfg), so cannot be probably changed via command line if you like to change it to different button.

Yes, that is what I would like to achieve. Currently, L Button (shoulder) is my Hotkey Enable button. R Button (shoulder) and R2 Button (trigger) control volumn. Ideally, I would like to use L2 Button (trigger) for Tab.

I have tried L3 whilst in a game but doesn’t seem to do anything.