[4.2] Accessibility feature enabled for blind people

Hi, I’m alessandro from Turin, blind person. I know RetroArch, I use it on Windows PC, enabling the integrated accessibility features. On Windows it uses the Microsoft tts. On Linux environment the tts espeak should be installed.

I have successfully installed Lakka on my Raspberry Pi Zero W. Starting the Raspberry everything seems ok. I then connected via ssh from my Windows pc. I have enabled the accessibility features.

But I realized that in the Lakka distro, based on LibreELEC 10, there is no tts espeak. Espeak was present in libreelec 9.2.8, It disappear in 10.0.

This a similar post:

Can you help me?

Lakka is indeed based on libreelec, so I think if they get it back in there upstream, it should be included in the following Lakka release.

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Of course, I understood this. But I know that the RetroArch team is careful to accessibility. At the moment Lakka cannot be used by blind people. it was my duty to report it

Yes, we appreciate the report very much!

Very good! Can you update this post if there is any news?

Furthermore, it would be ideal to be able to configure the wifi and enable accessibility in the first phase of system startup.

I use a system with Windows 11, after the flash phase of the SD memory, I see the boot partition in my file system explorer.

is it possible to put in that partition a configuration file for wifi and “accessibility on”?


Good afternoon, version 4.3 is out! Do you know if the espeak TTS packages have been added? I saw that libreelec 10.0.4 is also out!

Do you have updates? Thank you.

We will be glad to enable it maybe on Lakka 5 but there is one issue which needs to be fixed first.