[4.2] Similar Resolutions

Is it possible to set the resolution in Lakka to match the default resolution of a handheld? By default, the whole screen seems to be used which isn’t a problem for the consoles but the handhelds don’t appear as good as they could. The resolution within Lakka is 1680x1050 (16:10). The handhelds I’m looking to alter are Atari Lynx and Nintendo Gameboy


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Look for Video Options, and then Scaling. With the custom setting, you can set the output to whatever you want.

I couldn’t find a custom setting within Video, Scaling. Do I need to load the core or game to access this option?


Edit: I found the option under Aspect Ratio. How do I set this per core or does “per core” use the default resolution anyway?

The quick menu that you have once you loaded something has an “overrides” option. This can be used to have specific settings per core, directory or even game. This overrides the global settings that will be saved by the config file. So you would change you scaling settings from the default, load something, then go into the quick menu and then save a override.

I’m not seeing this option. Where abouts does it show within the other options (say either side). Maybe I need to enable something for it to appear. I do have “Show Advanced Settings” enabled within “Interface”.