[4.2] ZX Spectrum on FBNeo

Hi All

I’m revisiting the ZX Spectrum on FBNeo. I’ve got my BIOS files and a couple of roms in place but having issues starting the games. Is this possible within the GUI or do I need to configure anything? Currently, the games are sitting at the splash screen. Any ideas on how to progress past this?


Anything useful in the logs?

I believe lots of games require using a keyboard, which is hooked to player 3 (so make sure you didn’t set max player to 2 by mistake in retroarch), you might also need to toggle the game focus thingy to disable all retroarch keyboard shortcuts, as they might conflict.

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I’ve enabled logging (level 1) but nothing is appearing.


Max player is set to 1 and I usually disable all the shortcuts. If a keyboard is required, that’s a shame as I would like to controller everything from one joypad. It would be nice if a virtual keyboard was included (like Fuse).


Then that’s the problem, retropads are hooked to p1 & p2, keyboard is hooked to p3