[4.3][Live] Thumbnail Issue (RESOLVED)

None of my thumbnails (boxart) are appearing in RetroArch. Playlist Thumbnail Updater (online updater) goes through the process of downloading but nothing appears (visually or in the thumbnail folder). Even checking “On-Demand Thumbnail Downloads” (network) doesn’t make any difference when manually browsing each game.

Libretro’s Thumbnail website is online and browsable. I’ve re-installed Lakka 4.3 multiple times now which hasn’t resovolved the issue. Have also checked the permissions on the “thumbnail” folder which is set to “Create and delete files”. Also, “Thumbnails” (user interface, appearance) is set to “Boxart”.

I’ve gone through the various menu’s and as far as I can see, everything seems to be setup ok. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi again.

This may be obvious, but since you don’t mention it: did you check that the image files are in fact on the drive, with the correct path and name?

No images (thumbnails) have been downloaded. The path is pointing to “/storage/thumbnails” which is correct. I have even downloaded the latest development build with the same issue.


Same issue here, I can’t solve it

Just did a small test on Retroarch Linux with some SNES games, and thumbnails download fine…

Make sure to read the documentation on how files should be named and try to download images and put them in manually:

Also keep in mind that thumbnails from the server are named after the game names in the database, if you have a playlist that has names that don’t match the database then they won’t be recognized (but you can use manually named images).

Having just tested, images are now downloading fine for various platforms. :slight_smile:

There must have been an issue server side as all of my roms (scanned against database) had previously worked before but none were working which was very strange.

Thanks for testing though but it seems the issue was resolved during your test. The thumbnail server did have an issue a few weeks back in that you could access the site (showing platforms) but were unable to click on any of the platform links (showing images). Maybe this was linked in some way but you were able to view the images this time which made me think that the issue from a few weeks ago had been resolved.