[4.3][PC] MAME Thumbnails

I’m using a DAT file (xml) to display my MAME roms but if a thumbnail is missing, how should this be addressed? With consoles, it is a case of renaming the rom/zip to match the thumbnail, so it is automatically pulled down.


The correct thing to do is to rename the image to match the game, not the rom zip.
In the “thumbnails” folder you have the lists, just place the same name as the list.
I don’t know if in Lakka you have access to “Show desktop menu”, but it’s the easiest way to place thumbnails.

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I’m not sure what you mean by “game”. Is this the game name inside Mame’s database file? (main menu, information, database manager). Also, when you say lists within the “thumbnails” folder, do you mean the png files within the “Named Boxarts” folder? I haven’t come across “Show desktop menu” within Lakka but I usually SSH onto my box and paste the image files (png).


No. It is the opposite. It renames the image to match the zip name.

It is the name you see in the interface. Not in database, it is in playlist.

The images in Boxarts, Snaps and Titles, must have the same name that appears in the Playlist.
( home/.config/retroarch/playlists ) .

Thanks for the explaination :). Having re-read your original reply, that makes sense now. I must have been tired. As FBNeo is my main arcade core, MAME picks up the odd rom that isn’t compatible with FBNeo, so there shouldn’t be too many to rename.