[4.3][PC] Multi Disc & CHD's

Is it possible to merge multi cd games into one image? I’m aware that an M3U file can be created to handle these types of games. When scanned, these files aren’t detected and each disc is shown in the playlist. Does the M3U file need to be individually scanned?


@Graham Do you do any internet research, even a quick one, before publishing? You are asking very basic questions and people on the forum are not going to answer you.

Console games cannot be merged into a single disk image. PC games can, but it requires advanced knowledge.

Or do you search here in the forum? you ask questions that have already been answered.

Not really. Given it’s a basic question, I would expect more people would be able to answer. Also, at the time, the “Game Format” answer resolved my question. Lakka/RetroArch has moved on since 3.6 and things may have changed.

Ideally, I’m looking to do away with folders/multiple files but if this isn’t possible, I’ll stick with how things are.

Btw, thanks for answering my question.


Here you will always find help from everyone, as far as possible.
But, doing a quick search beforehand doesn’t hurt. Or maybe try something that has already been answered, even if it is old.

RetroArch doesn’t care how you have the files when you make game lists, you can have everything together. Or you separate it in folder like the image. The only thing that matters in this case is to have the cue or chd in one folder and the m3u in another.
The only thing that is not going to change in the short term, are the multiple disk sets, maybe in the future it will be possible to compress the images in a zip like in PURE.

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