[4.3][usb] Lakka OS Partition (RESOLVED)

What is the recommended size for the Lakka OS? This will determine the size needed for the USB drive.


Lakka currently needs 2GB for its system partition (there is quite a lot of free space left for future system expandability). On the remaining space of the USB drive an ext4 partition is created, that is then used for storage of bios/roms/savestates/thumbnails/… - so you can use any size you need.

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Thanks for the reply vudiq. I’ll see if I can locate some old 4GB drives.



I have recently installed Lakka on a USB which is 256 GB. I would like to spare ~3 gb for Lakka since I only play old 2d arcade games.

Right now, there is the Lakka partition which you have mentioned. But I can’t see the other partititon on my Windows PC.Windows 7 Disk Manager shows a %100 blank partition at there. Can I create another partition within it, leaving around ~3GB blank space? Or would it damage to any folder system which might already be created within? (The blank space I mention is probably a linux partititon I know, but I can’t see it)