4-player PSX; .PBP for PSX rom scanning

Hi, just a few quick questions. I am using Lakka on the Raspberry Pi3.

  1. PSX: I’ve noticed in other versions of PCSX-Rearmed, you can enable emulation of a Multitap so that you can have four controllers. I can’t find the option in Lakka (using the latest stable version). Is there a way to enable this?
  2. PSX Currently the ROM scanner doesn’t pick up any .PBP (eboot) files. I’ve added these manually to the playlist and the games work fine. Is there a better way to do this?

I have to say that the latest version of Lakka has been absolutely amazing to work with. Finally something stable I can share with friends without worrying they’ll break it by pushing the wrong buttons! The sync with PS3 controllers is effortless. Thanks so much devs :slight_smile:

  1. not sure about this one. Most cores do it one of two ways: core option or input device. If it’s not in the core options, try going to settings > input > p2 binds and see if the input devices include a multitap.

  2. The scanning is based on checksum databases. If there’s no database of PBP files, we can’t scan them. I don’t know of any PBP-based release groups, so unless that changes, they won’t scan natively.

I’ve had a look around in the settings but it’s definitely not there. In other versions of Retroarch it’s under Core Options I think.

Kivutar does not update the Lakka cores every time there is a new core update in order to keep core versions in place that are known to work well with Lakka. It’s possible the current Lakka is using an older version of the core without this functionality.

If you load the core manually and then enter the core information screen you can get some information on its version. Assuming that the core is out of date you might want to open an issue for this question in the Lakka github tracker to see if it can be updated for the next release.

Ah! I found it, found it in the core options, thanks anyway!

I also didn’t find the multitap option in the PSX emulation, only in the SNES, did anyone manage to solve this case?

For doing a Manual Scan for you .PBP files. This is my example, of course for the directory folder is wherever you have them located in.

If you want to add thumbnails for them then it will follow the playlist name. IE Sony - PlayStation Portable (PSX2PSP)

MultiTap option to enable additional players above 2