4K crt geom shader for android shield tv?

Hi, i use to have crt geom on my shield tv on a 1080 fullhd tv and all work fine with a nice look. i recently change my tv and buy a 4k samsung “high-end products” 55q95T. I put my shield tv on 4k but now the crt geom on retroarch seems little fuzzy and less smooth. without shader, the game is fine. i test the game mode on tv and others settings but no good results. is there something to change on shader when we play on retroarch in 4k ? is there a 4k version of crt geom ? thanks for your help regards

You can increase the sharpness parameter. :man_shrugging:

Hi thank for the tip, unfortunely, it doesnt work I test the 3 settings but shader become more clear but still fuzzy. I need to tweak my tv settings. Could you just confirm me that when we switch to a 4k tv, nothing special need to do and shaders still compatible witbout tweaks ? Thanks

It depends on the shader whether it looks good at any given scale factor. Most are designed to look good at 1080p and look bad at 720p, some look bad at 4K, some look good at 4K and bad at 1080p.

ok thanks, i will make more tests regards