4K Vertical Overlay Community Contributions

Have you tried using absolute paths? Unfortunately I won’t be able to code on my Linux machine for a while so I can’t test if the tilde character home directory alias is correctly expanded now.

I surely understand that design is funny and will always of course produce more beautiful results than scripting, but being a coder I find creating scripts funny, too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Scripting overlays using templates could be useful for prototyping, though. Or maybe to produce overlays for games one does not really care or there’s no original material to work with.

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I haven’t tried absolute paths but I will give it a shot this weekend and let you know. I’d definitely need this to do any large automated overlay generation like @Kondorito is suggesting. Also, let me know about the vertical layout test, as that would also be needed to make this work :slight_smile:

Among the many straitjackets I’m subjected to while I only have access to my work stations, dropbox and other file sharing networks are locked, so I can’t download your bezels.

I could download the original VCabinet template and use that for a test, though.

I tried resizing it to 1920x1080 to use it on my laptop in full screen and it worked.

I used command:

python retromanager.py -c …/config.ini generate_all “MAME 2016” gyruss -rm outer -tx 1920 -ty 1080

(after, of course, exporting the template as a flat png and reneming it to gyruss.png)

Unfortunately, I have no idea on how to take a snapshot of the game running in retroarch including the overlay (any combination of alt, del, shift and or/print gave no useful result) so you have to trust my word for the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I noticed that the viewport detection does not honor the padding parameter as it’s supposed to do anymore. Probably I broke something. This means the game screen currently overlaps a bit with the bezel on the edges, where it curves. i’ll fix this as soon as possible.


Sinistar in 4K Vertical format


That’s the picture I wanted to see. The cab from the side. It’s hard to gage what’s going on in the other images. It almost seems like it’s being projected on a wall, but that’s maybe because it has a light in the back. You should consider doing a video on this cab sometime showing your vertical bezels. It’s a sweet setup!


NBA Jam 4K Vertical Overlay

I put a lot of time into trying to recreate the original side art design of the arcade cabinet for this bezel. I think I got pretty close:

Large screen version:

Bezel reflection shader effect courtesy of @HyperspaceMadness and can be found here:

[HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates](http://HyperSpaceMadness Mega Bezel Refection Shader)


Centipede 4K Vertical Overlay


Ikari Warriors 4k Vertical Overlay


Outzone 4k Vertical Overlay


Marvel Super Heroes 4K Vertical Overlay


I saw the new Arcade1Up version of this cabinet that was announced at CES. I really didn’t know that much about this game but the cabinet art looks awesome. Here’s my take with a custom bezel based on the CPO graphics:

Golden Axe 2 - The Revenge of Death Adder 4K Vertical Overlay


Gyruss 4K Vertical Overlay

Please deposit coin and try this game…


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4K Vertical Overlay


Beautiful as ever.

Any chances you’ll keep making horizontal overlays, too?

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Definitely, I’m just focused on the vertical for right now because I want to get to a baseline point of bezels for my new vertical cabinet. Most of what I’m creating is just getting caught up with the horizontal overlays I’ve already done. Once I do that I’ll keep the horizontal and vertical overlay releases in sync and do both versions for anything new. (And do a big release for MAME to get that caught up as well)


Very nice.

In the meanwhile I’m working on some additions for my tool.

At the moment i have a very preliminary “image stack” command that can pile images vertically (or horizontally) to assemble a vertical cabinet overlay from, say, a marquee, a speaker panel, a bezel and a filler panel.

It needs a considerable amount of work and polish before it can be distributed, but it’s on its way.


That’s an interesting idea. It wouldn’t really come out looking like mine, as I put a ton of effort into each game to adjust the shadows and reflections etc to match the content and colors etc for each design. The other challenge might be the bezel, as there is a lot of variation in those and it sometimes needs to be altered or stretched/cropped a bit to work right.

I had been thinking to create a high quality generic template with the shading etc but a placeholder for the marquee, and automating photoshop in some way to inject it with the proper lighting effects etc. But even for that, marquees also vary quite a bit sometimes between games and need to be properly cropped.

I’d love to see the output of your idea with some sample games.

I’m happy to contribute my art assets to what you are doing as well, just let me know…


Updated Blazing Star to my latest format:


Updated Galaga to latest format.

I took some creative license with the bezel here (and I did the same thing for Gyruss), where the positioning was a little funky due to the cabinet design, so I extended the bottom graphics in both bezels. I doubt anyone would notice who wasn’t very familiar with the original bezels, but it looks more natural in this format. Those bezels are out on the dropbox in case anyone ever wants to use them for another purpose and would like the more standard formatting.

Larger Screen version:


Absolutely, they will NEVER come out as perfect as your hand-made pictures.

An automated script can not replace the eye and hand of the artist, still there are cases where it can be of much benefit.

I’m thinking of mass generation of overlays for systems you care less, you don’t have hi-res images to work on or you miss completely, or as placeholders until you find time to work on.

Currently, basic scale, align, stretch and crop facilities are implemented, so cases where the bezels or marquees diverge a bit from the “standard” are already covered. Of course, starting with images with dimensions and resolutions as compatible as possible will yeld better result.

The workflow I’m thinking is launching the tool with multiple passes. For instance, first pass to assemble the “top stack” (bezel + speakers), then the “bottom stack” (filler, logos, panel mockup…).

Next step would be scaling and pasting the previously created images over a background, aligned to top and bottom respectively, abd paste the actual bezel to a fixed position.

I’d really like to have some of your assets to experiment on, so that I can compare the output of the script to a hi quality hand-made result and gauge the quality of the script better. also the generic template would be great.

Also, I’d appreciate some thoughts and feedback from your experience. For example, I assume you place the bezel so that the center of the screen is always at the same height to you eyes, but it might not be so. Plus, do your playable screens all have the same area or do you make some bigger or smaller?