[5.0][PC] Partition Size Bug (RESOLVED)

Would someone be able to test the latest release of Lakka 5.0 (latest generic build, not original release). I’ve applied the latest image 3 times, downloaded again and applied another 3 times and each time it is reporting my USB as being full when copying thumbnails across.

My USB is 64GB in size and the partitioning seems correct (using Disks in Fedora). This made me think that my USB had become corrupt but I’ve just tried the same steps with 4.3 which seems to be working.

This is using the live version, not installed. This didn’t occur with the first release of 5.0 or previous development builds. Would appreciate a second opinion.


EDIT: Generic PC (64-bit not wayland or x11). Used Raspberry Pi Imager.

Partition: 4.2mb (free), 2.1gb (lakka), 61gb (lakka_disk)

Hi, yes, there is a bug, which is already remedied in Lakka - Nightly. You can work around the bug by connecting via ssh and running the command resize2fs /dev/sda2 or resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p2 (depending on your storage media).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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hi ? the bug is only in live mode ? or in the installed lakka in usb sd hhd ?

Thanks for confirming vudiq and the workaround. Currently using the original release, so not a problem for me. No need to apologise and thanks for the release :+1:


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