[5.x Dev][PC] Rename "Playlist" Display Name (RESOLVED)

Is it possible to change the playlist display name in the top left corner? For example, “FBNeo - Arcade Games” or “Arcade Games” to something else. I have had a look in the playlist file and doesn’t seem to be possible there.


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I’m unsure if I’m getting what you want to do, but I’ve been making custom playlists since 2018.

You can access your playlists files using Windows or any other Samba client, to access files and rename them the way you want. Connect your PC to the network and use “LAKKA” as a hostname, you don’t even need to know your IP.

You may also want to manually add content. Create a custom playlist, by choosing the rom directory, playlist name, default core, file types, etc. This is my preferred method. It doesn’t detect the rom name unless you provide a .dat file. So, I’ve renamed most of my roms to match the thumbnail name, to avoid the need for proper detection. For Arcade games, I’ve made some custom lists by brand: CAPCOM, KONAMI, MIDWAY, and SEGA. I’ve also made a custom BEAT EM UP playlist to get into action very quickly.


When a folder is scanned (via database), a playlist is created automatically depending on the contents scanned. For example, Atari 2600 roms would create a playlist called “Atari - 2600” or “2600”. Just wondering if you could rename what is displayed in the top left corner? (rather than the actual filename).

The custom playlist sounds interesting. Do these names (Capcom, Konami, etc) appear at the top left. I assume this is within the default interface (i.e blue background, with ribbon)


Didn’t realize it was just a case of renaming the *.lpl file for it to appear with that name. Now I just need to be able to change the icons for the main playlist and add the “coin” icon per game.


EDIT: Icons are now sorted.

I have 2 playlists which use the FBNeo & Mame cores. Is it possible to merge these into 1 playlist, using the appropriate cores?

Yes. You can open up the lpl file and copy and paste the entries from one list to another. The list is by default per emulator but that is not a limitation of the lpl file.

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