64 Bit PC (NUC) Lakka Wired Network issue


Hi Everyone,

I have an issue with Lakka detecting the fact there is an Ethernet cable plugged in.

Before the recent update 2.1.1 i was able to connect without issues, after the update and initial reboot no issues.

today (next day) eth0 is not detected restarted about 20 times, and when i try to connect to wifi it tries to connect to another wifi that i dont have the password to.

the cable is new, i know it works because it works fine with recalbox (similar to lakka) on the same device.

i cannot access the filesystem as i dont have a linux distro currently and there seems to be no implementation of a shell you can pull up from the Lakka OS via hot keys (WHY?)

does anyone have a solution for this?



Please read this documentation.

Thank you.


One does not need a Linux distro to connect to a Lakka machine. An ssh client on Windows will work just fine. The command line on MacOS provides an ssh client. There are nuerous ssh apps for smart phones and tablets. The cygwin command line on Windows. Plus, if you really want to use a linux, it’s always possible to download a “Live” linux distro to a flash drive and boot it on just about any laptop or desktop.

According to the documentation, it is possible to access a command line (tty) on a Lakka system (Raspberry Pi explicitly excluded, though).


The command line referred to in the above link is the one accessible from the bootloader screen. This is visible briefly (usually) on initial system startup/reboot. The instructions on that screen will say something like “press e to edit command line”. That’s where the modifications described in the above link are made.