A question about some missing presets

I noticed some presets, such as crt-royale-320px-ntsc-composite.slangp are missing. How do you set the resolution using crt-royale-ntsc-composite.slangp, and crt-royale-ntsc-svideo.slangp to 256px, or 320px?

How do you set up one of these shaders for 480i?

Are there any YPbPr presets, or a way to emulate the component color space?

I made an NTSC shader that switches between the 256 and 320 modes automatically based on the content that’s loaded, so it was no longer necessary to have the 2 separate presets.

Royale will automatically simulate interlacing jitter on 480i content, if that’s what you mean.

YPbPr should look essentially identical to RGB, just with half the color bandwidth. You should be able to simulate that with the tvout-tweaks shader, though I’m not sure what you would put the settings to, exactly.


Thanks for the info :+1:

I discovered a problem with one of the presets today. The new preset, crt-royale-ntsc-composite, is displaying the game with weird lines in the back round, but the old preset, crt-royale-ntsc-320px-composite, is displaying the game correctly.