A question about system upgrade

HELLO My computer is G1840 + Geforce GT740 My current version is lakka-generic.x86_-nightly-2019-10-12. I have seen a version: generic_VK_nvidia.x86_64-nightly-2019-10-12.How can I upgrade to this version? I’ve tried to directly throw the upgrade package into the update folder as usual. But the system tells me that the upgrade package does not match the current system. What should I do?

If you want to change from Generic.x86_64 to Generic_VK_nvidia.x86_64 you have to do a fresh install.

You can only upgrade systems that match AFAIK.

Exactly, generic_VK_nvidia is another version of Lakka, entirely different

In addition, the architecture would be different too. Not sure if OP had a typo but current version seems like possibly x86 and desired is x86_x64. That would also require reinstall.

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OK, thank you for your kind reply!I see what to do.