Ability to Restore from a Previous Configuration File

From Main Menu > Configuration File I can load a configuration file other than the default retroarch.cfg. However, if I load a configuration file and then go to Save Current Configuration it saves any changes to the current config file.

It would be helpful if there were an option to Restore from Configuration File where you could open an existing configuration file and then choose to have those settings overwrite your current retroarch.cfg.

For example, if you used Save New Configuration to create a file as a backup before making a lot of changes and then wanted to revert back to that saved file.

Is there a way to do this currently? The best option I’ve found is to shut down RetroArch, ssh to the unit, and then remove the existing retroarch.cfg and then rename a backup as the new retroarch.cfg.

Maybe a simple answer for a complex question. In settings > Directory you can set the config file. So save your old one. Make all the changes you want to test. If they don’t work out go to directory change to your old config in directory and then go back click load config. PS the above comment is assuming advanced options has already been turned on in the menu.

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