Adding a new menu with custom entries


Hi all,

I want to adding some entries into a new menu (with submenu entry like the one who is displayed to start a game), to launch some custom bash script. Does anyone knows how to do this ?

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Unfortunately, that’s a very tall order. You would actually probably be better off making a core that launches the script, similar to this one:


Hi @hunterk,

Thanks for your reply. I see quickly the code of this core, specially the libretro-dolphin-launcher.c but it seem’s to search for an entry into the game database, for one or more extension (defined into and use it to launch the rom file. Maybe it can be altered to make another behavior but I need some documentation to do this :slight_smile:

Could you tell me where I can found some documentation to dev it ? Or some source / documentation to modify the main lakka menu / submenu system ? All of this may be helpful :smile:

Thanks by advance :wink:


I figured you would want to use a playlist to list your scripts in the GUI, then pass them to the launcher core.


I actually have a modded core based on the one by RobLoach that does just this.

Just make a playlist containing the paths to the scripts and you can launch them from the menu.

I’m using it in Ubuntu, but I think it would work in any linux version. I’m planning to upload to github when I have corrected the install instructions.


I also have forwarders that launch the standalone versions of Redream, Citra and Cemu (Cemu via Wine)…


Saying that you figured it out somehow doesn’t answer the question in any way. Can anyone put their solution on github or somewhere?


Define what exactly you are trying to do. Custom list of roms, like a “Super Mario collection-playlist”, or are you trying to launch something outside of Retroarch?


Hi all,

Yes, I try to launch custom script, not related to a playlist or a game. Basically, I try to launch a bash script and if possible display some information (like progression by example) like it’s done when folders are scanned to search roms :slight_smile:

Thanks by advance :wink:


Check my Github for the source of a bash-launcher core. Just download it and run “make” in the source folder to build the core.

This core will run bash-scripts from Retroarch, but will not keep Retroarch running in background so if you simply run a script it will restart Retroarch as the script finishes running. I mostly use it to launch Linux games from a manually created playlist.