Adding apps to Lakka

I’m running Lakka on an RPi4. Can I cross-compile a binary to add to it? I would like to have htop, for example.

you can build the htop package and copy the binary over. Lakka (LibreELEC) already includes lots of packages, not all are included in the image, as these are not essential, but LibreELEC uses them as addons. for example to build image including htop you just edit file distributions/Lakka/options and add htop to ADDITIONAL_PACKAGES. you build the image for RPi4 with make PROJECT=RPi DEVICE=RPi4 ARCH=aarch64 image and the result will be in folder target.

@poxberry Yes but for cross compiling, you have to make sure your build system’s glibc version is compatible with the Lakka version you are using.

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