Adding masks to geom-dx

I poked around a bit but couldn’t figure it out. Can we add masks to geom-dx by creating our own png?

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Exactly, the same question. Where does geom dx have 720p compatible masks? 1080p 1440p and 4k oled WRVB… not RGB…

I changed it to use the subpixel masks because the png masks were scaling wrong:

It ultimately comes out to the same thing, but it’s easier to control the scaling of the mask with a function than with a LUT image.


The modification is accessible from retroarch? Is it already uploaded? Thank you hunterk you are doing great my friend.

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Yes, it’s here:

You can add new ones (or replace existing ones) fairly easily. It’s just like making a png LUT but you write out the colors of the pixels in the 2D array structure, like this:

  vec3 slotmask[3][6] = {
     {magenta, green, black, black,   black, black},
     {magenta, green, black, magenta, green, black},
     {black,   black, black, magenta, green, black}

instead of putting the pixels into a tiny image file. There’s a thread on the forum about it somewhere that goes into more detail.