Adding Neko Project II Kai (as opposed to the non-Kai) Core


I just started using Lakka on a RBP3+ and everything is running great so far. Unfortunately, one of my favorite systems, the PC98, only has the old Neko Project II core available, which is more limited and cumbersome to use than the newer Neko Project II Kai core, which is available on Retropie and Recalbox, but sadly not yet on Lakka which I prefer to use overall. Anyway for this core to be added either to the next public image or for me to add it manually?


You should be able to download the core for your architecture from the buildbot and then place it in your storage. Lakka has an “overlay” filesystem that will put those files in with the ones located in the read-only filesystem.


Thanks. I’ll give that a try. I strongly suggest that the np2kai core is included into a near-future public release. It is miles better than the old np2 core.