Adjust curvature while preserving quality

Hello, is there a way to add a curvature x/y without using the CRT shaders? I have no interest in scanlines and the img_mod pass adds blurriness. I already use an image improvement shader depending on the game’s art-style.

img_mod shouldn’t add any blur

there is the ‘normalsdisplacement’ shader in the ‘reshade’ directory, which is just curvature, but it doesn’t do rounded corners

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Thank you for the reply, can you please give img_mod a try with xbr-lv1-standalone, xbr-lv2-multipass & xbr-mlv4-multipass? Tried NormalsDisplacement but it fails to be applied as a pass.

Maybe it is possible to adjust the screen curvature via RA settings?

No, there is no setting for curvature in RetroArch’s settings. It’s a shader thing.

When you add a pass onto the end of a shader chain, the pass before it gets an implicit 1x scale. You probably just need to increase the scale of the last pass before img_mod to whatever approximates your monitor res.

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Yes tried that, but RA crashes when I try to edit the scale, sometimes even without adding a pass, tbh neither img_mod or NormalsDisplacement are good solutions as they make the edges kinda broken, FinalBurn Neo has this feature and it works like a charm over any filter.

You could try the ewa-curvature shader in the antialiasing directory