Alphultima V: Rebirth/Valhalla edition

This is it, boys, we did it. We’re finally walking amongst the (upscaling) gods :grin:.

Image quality is now SKY HIGH (thanks to dropping RCAS in favour of JINC for additional sharpening duties). Took me awhile, but I really wanted to nail it in the first shot and JINC can be a little tricky.

A background refresher: this is a pure INTERPOLATION type filter and NOT a CRT shader (though it might work well as a base for one…).

RA currently does not have an interpolation shader with PIXEL BLENDING.

This is the FINAL, final version lol.

Comparison between Sharp Bilinear and the Alphultima V Very Sharp version:

Link to shader presets:

Now, can we PLEASE get this added to RA? Thank you kindly in advance :blush:

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@thingsiplay Hopefully these presets work this time!