Amstrad GX4000


I have seen that the Retropie have released an lr-caprice core for retroarch that emulates the Amstrad GX4000. Does anyone think of releasing a similar core for lakka or retroarch? I do not like anything retropie.


If it starts with “lr” it’s already available, AFAIK. We have the cap32 emulator that should work, I think:


I’ve updated to lakka 2.2.2 and the just says this:

display_name = "Amstrad - CPC (Caprice32)"
authors = "Ulrich Doewich|dantoine"
supported_extensions = "dsk|sna|zip|tap|cdt|voc|m3u"
corename = "Caprice32"
manufacturer = "Amstrad"
categories = "Emulator"
systemname = "CPC"
systemid = "cpc"
database = "Amstrad - CPC"
license = "GPLv2"
permissions = ""
display_version = "v4.2.0"
supports_no_game = "true"

Amstrad GX400 does not appear anywhere, and of course, it does not read any rom, cpr or bin. Says: CPC Error loading cart


Hmm, dunno what to tell you, then. The only info I can find suggests that lr-caprice32 is just cap32-libretro:


Thanks, but if I asked if someone from Libretro is going to do something, it’s because I do not want to know anything about Retropie, nor do I use it, nor will I ever use it.


Ok, don’t worry: I’m not asking you to use retropie. My point was that we only have the one cap32 core, and that seems to be what they’re calling “lr-caprice32”, so if they’re able to emulate it through that core, it should work with RetroArch, as well.

It does look like they also have a standalone caprice emulator, so perhaps that’s the one that’s being used for GX4000?


Well, they use the lr-caprice32, I guess they will have a different info file or somewhere in their thousands of captious configurations, duplicated and replicated, they will have made some modification to make it work.

Retropie is a specialist in traveling “directly” from Los Angeles to New York, passing through Seattle.


You need to set the Model to 6128+ in the core options first. From what I read elsewhere not all games may work yet, but I just launched some cartridges (cpr) and they started fine.


Ok, I charge the core, I go to the quick menu, and in options, it tells me that there are no core options available.


Yeah, that’s annoying. You need to start the core first, at least you don’t need to load content in this case.


To me, doing everything you tell me, still does not work with any rom.


Problem solved, had to use the last core nightly.

Thanks to all for the help.


so we could emulate the gx4000 with caprice32 ? thanks


GX4000 games work in libretro-cap32, has @Jamirus said before, you need to set model to 6128+

Here is a compatibility list:


Of course… with the last nightly core and this above settings…


Could you please tell us witch rom format is support because I test gx4000 roms in rar format but no luck, even in bin format it doesn’t work. Is the cpr format is only available ? Thanks