An intro and an issue regarding framerate running PlayStation on Pi3B+


Hi there,

I dabbled with Raspberry Pi a few years ago as a way to have a portable machine for retro gaming I could take when away from home or round friends houses. I’ve decided to get back into it and discovered other Raspberry builds such as Recalbox and Lakka and decided to give them a try. What with the recently disappointment of the PlayStation Classic I thought it would be cool to make an all in one solution for retrogaming from the 8 bit to the 32 bit consoles since things have moved on a bit :slight_smile:

Lakka is great and very quick to boot up, so far everything works great except for the poor framerate for PlayStation games on the Pi 3B+ I recently brought.

I haven’t overclocked it yet and have been looking everywhere for any settings that could make PlayStation emulation run faster. RIght now I’m getting around 45fps on a game like Ridge Racer and have tinkered with the settings (and remembering to set them back afterwards) to see what the issue could be.

I’ve done a search as well on here and elsewhere but can’t seem to find anyone else with the same issue. The BIOS is in the correct location and there are no issues loading the few games I’ve put on there, it’s just the framerate.

I have the Pi3B+ connected to my 4k TV (which is reporting it’s running at 1080p) and thing such as the 32X emulation run at 60fps. I’ve tried disabling V-Sync and also removing any PSX configs via the Samba share and I have no shaders or video filters running either!

If anyone could shed any light on this issue that would be great! Many thanks to everyone who has made Lakka possible, it’s exactly what I need for my requirements!