Analog stick on real n64 controller problem

I have a real n64 controller plugged in via adapter. I managed to get retoarch to see it, and all the buttons work. The analog stick works too, but the input range is too shallow. For example, in mario 64 using the parrallel 64 core, I can walk but I am unable to run.

I use the same stick in project 64 and dolphin via virtual console without issues. I can probably adjust the the inputs for the stick globally, but I don’t want to to that because then it won’t work properly in these other programs. Is there a way I can adjust the stick in retroarch itself?

Thank you

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same issue here. has tried the n64 mayflash adapter and it sucks. for retroarch with windows you can use the microsoft gamecontroller calibration tool. that should solve the problem but i am seaching for a solution for lakka. had anyone any ideas about that?

no idea if it helps but here are another requests because the n64 analog sticks (the last i opened a week ago but seems intresting not so many people):

The problem is with retroarch, not with the mayflash adapter. The controller works fine in dolphin and in project 64.

If you adjust the the stick for retroarch it will be all messed up with other software. In order for this to be fixed properly, something needs to be adjusted within retroarch.