Any chance of lakka coming to the RG353p?

(dont you hate when the subject line contains all you needed to say but you still have fill out the body)

Dunno. They’d need to have access to the hardware. As it is, if it runs a generic linux, you can always just install RetroArch on it.

Bumping because this is something I would definitely like to see as well. Just bought an RG353PS and it’s a wonderful little device hobbled by crappy software. Have installed and tried out Ark OS and Jel OS in addition to the stock firmware and all of them suck in different ways. Would love to have this thing running Lakka, who do we need to throw some $$$ at to make it happen??

According to a post from one of the developers on the Lakka Discord server, they are indeed working on implementing support for the RG353 series. No estimate was given for when support would be incorporated into the Lakka source tree, but it looks like things are starting to happen as the 353 series gets closer to full mainline Linux kernel support.

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That’s fantastic news! Will keep my eyes peeled for that :slight_smile: