Anyway to get a shader like New Retro Arcade in Retroarch?

New Retro Arcade, (the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo) has a very nice CRT with lots of glow and a greenish tint. Anyone know how to get such an effect via Retroarch shaders?

Thanks in advance!


This can probably do something similar


That look is sick. Does this replicate a very rounded monitor?


Yes, there are a number of looks you can achieve with it, it’s a bit like a swiss army knife with many adjustable parameters.

Both @Duimon and @TheNamec’s collections have a number of monitor types, you can find links to their threads in the first post of the Mega Bezel thread.

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Totally doable via mega bezels… But I’m sorry for your retinas!!!


I did something round with c1201 monitor, but that’s a monochrome one.

Are you looking after some extreme curvature?


Thanks for all the responses so far! What I am hoping to replicate are not those curved lines on the screen, haha. More like the glow (especially on whites) and the inaccurate color reproduction (It seems to have some green bias or something). Of course the amazing Mega Bezel shader is known to me, including community presets such as Cyberlab’s. But I have not yet managed to get this particular look with those yet.

Here are two more examples of the look i am trying to get:

Green or magenta tints usually come from the mask being too small for the physical monitor to display properly.