Append/Prepend shader presets

Courtesy of @HyperspaceMadness, RetroArch nightly builds now have the ability to append and prepend shader presets. This makes it a lot easier to, say, put a multipass dedithering shader in front of a big CRT shader.

I have a PR in at the slang repo to make a number of shader presets (including mdapt) play nicer with the feature, but there will certainly be some growing pains as we identify presets that have (fixable) conflicts, like variable name collisions, etc. Feel free to report such issues here. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to fix them, but I will certainly take a look.


I have just tried the last nightly. This new append/prepend shader presents option is amazing and makes composing custom shaders much, much easier! Thank you very much for adding it!


I also wanted to mention that Hunterk did a bunch of work to the entire repo to adjust many presets and shaders so they would append/prepend properly.

Thanks! :star_struck:


Wow this functionality is amazing! I am currently playing and fooling around with Shaders by mixing and matching them up. One thing that bothered me in the current stable RetroArch is that I can’t easily prepend (or I don’t know an easy way). Hope this Prepend functionality will make it to stable RetroArch soon.