Arbitrarily high resolution/PPI obsoletes CRT shaders

What Im not sure I get is how youre going to fill in all these pixels from a 240p image - lets simplify and say its a 240000p or 240K image thats a 1000 pixels per original pixel. Are you thinking youre going to just do a bilinear filter/lerp between the centers of the original pixels? Im not sure thats going to look that great. If not then youre better off with A.I. Based anti aliasing techniques and have your image much lower resolution. Ive got my phone close up to my face right now and the text has no discernible jaggies and its 1440p resolution because its been anti-aliased.


Iā€™m sorry but, no. Content made for 240p or 1080p will look the same (upscaled) on any pixel density monitor if you keep the physical size the same. Squares will be squares now and in 30 years time.