Arcade Overlays


Thanks for the offer, I will let you know. I have been ill for a while, so I haven’t been able to do much. I also lost 16Gb DDR4 RAM, both sticks went down - PC wouldn’t post and constant blue screens. I have been waiting for a replacement set for over a week now. Using a laptop for the time being. I also took on-board some comments such as Connorsdad’s comments about the reflection bars and removed them, now have a better-looking glass overlay. As soon as I get my main PC back up and running I will upload everything.


Can anyone re-up these please? These are seriously amazing!


Dito!! That

John.Merrit If you get stuck for hosting you can put on my site


Or use Mega you can create a free account that includes 50gb of storage. Also a little off topic but how do we assign these overlays on a per game basis? I know there is the per config thing but I don’t think that applies to games themselves.


My RMA’d RAM arrived today, so I now have access to my main PC and the overlays.

Ok, here is the download link for part 1 of my overlays.

If anyone can add their own hosts, incase mine goes down again, I would be grateful, thanks.

There are around 179 arcade machines in total (part 1), with a few for generic horizontal and vertical games. A lot of Sega cabinets are simply not available anywhere, the same with their artwork. So I used a Sega generic 80’s Bally Midway cab+artwork for the 80’s unknown cabs, and Sega Astro City cab for the 90’s cabs. A lot of Sega bezel artwork is also not available, only low-res copies floating around various sites, so I have had use those

  • Pitfall, Borderline, etc…

I have tried to keep the glass reflections minimal as possible, removing the stripe across the middle and using only a overhead light reflection. On some cabs, Alien 3 and Operation Wolf, the monitor is set back deeper in the cabinet so I have tried to get this across by using glass dirt and smudges and backlighting to sort of convey this. It sort of works in a way, but on a 2D surface it’s difficult.

One thing to add. I couldn’t get my configs to work on the latest FULL Retroarch nightly. I had to resort to a older version from a few months back. Feel free to experiment and use your own configs and shaders, I just provide them to give users a way to get going.

Feedback welcome,


Actually quite excited! Just writing my overlays guide ATM


Thanks for sharing your work again John.

Your mirror as requested:!9F9kSaJC!kHfd1LddQfL2fAMj1r61hXAfyGZk4jwiY8H9nS_ad4c


Jhon thanks for the great work :slight_smile: you can have the generic overlay for horizontal vertical games with the Screen scratch? Do a tutorial on how to achieve them so I also will I make available my thanks !!! :slight_smile: Ps looks even those x neo geo;-)


rautz, thanks for the mirror.

>>>you can have the generic overlay for horizontal vertical games with the Screen scratch

There are couple of basic generic overlays for both horizontal and vertical. I will go back to these at some stage and do something a little nicer, a little less basic. I will also make bigger, closer versions of Hang-on, Hang-on Jr, etc… this will allow a better integer scaled resolution such as 1280x960.


Thanks sorry but I meant generic overlay without scratches :slight_smile:


I can do some generic overlays without scratches. I will add them in the next upload.


Thanks for the really wonderful :slight_smile: I hope the project will go ahead proporrci always something new … if later you can make even a tutorial I can try to help you create new overlay :slight_smile: see you soon!


Another Mirror Link for this

It is stil the full file but I have renamed it for personal file management.


Thanks John! These are truly amazing also loving your JVC overlay for consoles :slight_smile:


If you haven’t done it already can I request one for The Simpsons Arcade Game? :smiley:


Guys if super Jon will give me a hand to understand how to achieve them soon we will do that I The project I wanted to work now Barrier and similar games do you think? :slight_smile:


Retroarch does not do Vector Graphics very well, certainly nowhere near the level of MAME. Getting the Barrier artwork to fit is not easy, so I had to use a non-integer res to make everything fit.


You may have to play around with shaders and video yourself.

The Simpsons arcade machine has no bezel artwork, although I did find one with a blue plastic bezel.

Simpsons arcade

So I tried to copy that one.


Got bored of arcade and made a Commodore 1084S monitor, all ready if we ever get Vice ported.


Even managed to capture the actual C64 in the reflection, although I will tone down the reflection on a release.


R-type made ports for both frodo and vice:

I think they’re both pretty preliminary, but they exist :slight_smile:


Do you mean HLSL can be setup to do vector graphics better?


Thanks Jhon! I hope I can also help you and be able to make someone :slight_smile: I wanted to ask how do you create glare and scratches? with the texure? You could put your project in PSD thanks !!! :slight_smile: