Arcade Overlays


It seems like the links are dead. Does anybody have a mirror?


If you look through the posts a couple of pages back. I have a mega link (not sure if they are still ok though) let me know


FYI, I just uploaded John.Merrit’s overlays to a github repo:

I’m slowly trying to reduce the extraneous lines in the config overrides to just the couple of necessary ones, so if anyone wants to pitch in, PRs are welcome.


FWIW I have processed most of them here:

Although I have renamed the cfg to be the mame name of the game, so possibly wont help map to the originals.


ooh, nice! Ok, I’ll see what if those will work on our end (I don’t see why they wouldn’t). It might end up being better for me to just use your repo…


Cool guys,

I have not helped out round here so as I have all these files I am happy to do something. (No idea about Git hub and PR’s)

Point me in the right direction and I will crack on. What config lines are needed? Are they the same lines for all borders?

I have another set of arcade borders from Vaughn @ Hyperspin and Mame world info who said can be used anywhere he just puts them out for anyone to do what they please with. They need cfg files though.


[QUOTE=floob;43767]FWIW I have processed most of them here:

Although I have renamed the cfg to be the mame name of the game, so possibly wont help map to the originals.[/QUOTE]

What mame version names did you use Floob so I can line mine up. (Hopefully not to many changes between on these between versions:)


I used the romset names from 0.78, although I dont think they change that much. You can see the ones I havent done yet in the parent directory. Bear in mind the cfg I have are geared for a RetroPie setup, but it shouldnt really make a difference, just need to consider paths when referencing the overlays etc…


[QUOTE=hunterk;43761]FYI, I just uploaded John.Merrit’s overlays to a github repo:

I’m slowly trying to reduce the extraneous lines in the config overrides to just the couple of necessary ones, so if anyone wants to pitch in, PRs are welcome.[/QUOTE]

Hunterk are you talking about the shader cgp files?

Also how should i go about converting to Android shaders glsl?


I was talking about the config overrides, which are actually entire config files in John.Merrit’s original upload, but they really only need a couple of lines. However, I think I’m just going to take ones from floob’s repo, since they seem to have it covered.


this is fabulous work you guys are doing, big thanks! I’m having some issues getting the overlays to fit the games properly. For example on ghouls n ghosts is wider than the overlay accomodates properly. also 1943 overlay is more narrow than the screen. Anyone know what the issue could be? I’ve set the aspect ratio to “core” and im using a 1920x1080 monitor.


The configs set the output game res, so you shouldnt try to override that.


I’m having trouble getting these to work in Ubuntu. Anyone else having any luck in Linux?


Guessing it’s because the version of Retroarch I’m using is newer? Not sure which version it is except it’s the latest pulled from repo.


Are you using the ones from John.Merritt or from floob’s repo? IIRC, John’s have some Windows-specific settings hardcoded to the cfgs, so they’re not likely to work properly in Linux.


Glad to see John.Merritt’s excellent borders being readied for incorporation into the ecosystem.

I just tried one and it made the image much too dark and washed out for my taste, owing to the gunk all over the screen. I photoshopped the screen surface out (this was Shadow Dancer, btw) and that cleared it right up. Would there be any interest in a sister repository with “clear screen” border PNGs?

(Possible bug: I increased opacity to 100% and that served to render RetroArch’s OSD invisible, as OSD was behind the border image.)

John, if you’re around, are the layered PSDs (or whatever format) still available? Just wonderin’.


That brings up an interesting point about a centralised managed repo or other distribution method for arcade game bezel/overlays generally. I have thousands of mame bezels (typically 1080x1920) that could be incorporated, obviously there are lots at resources like mrdo etc… already, these tend to be clean images.

It would be interesting if Retroarch could have a function that could scan a rom dir, identify the filenames and download the overlay files along with the appropriate game specific .cfg file. The .cfg could have an ‘agreed’ config that included the opacity and resoultion/integer scaling/aspect_ratio_index etc… and maybe an agreement for 1080p being the focus.

It would be a hell of a storage location to hold all the images (I’m thinking in the region of 10GB for a good variety, or maybe 2GB for one basic fullset), but potentially possible. Then you could even have different distributions of images, i,e, JohnMerrit, mrdo, others etc… and you could choose which you want using an RGUI / retroarch.cfg flag

Then you could even expand that with a per platform (windows/Pi etc…) shader integrated - I know shaders are currently an option directly in RGUI so I guess that could be used.

Anyway, food for thought.


I’ve never got on with RetroArch so could someone explain how to get these working, please (for Windows)? I downloaded the repo from a previous page but didn’t realise it’s for Pi?

They look nice, well done. The sides bug me, though (I’d prefer something white-grey then double Ms. Pac Man or other angled cabinets) and the screen is probably too dirty but I guess those could be Photoshopped. It would be easier (and appreciated) if you could release the PDS like Alexandra asked.


Look Guys, This was never meant to be a “public” project, it was my own “personal” project that I thought others might like. Now I could have done white sides, but then someone would have moaned they didn’t like white sides. I could have done black sides, grey sides, bright pink sides, and again someone would have not liked them. If you don’t like the sides then feel free to import the image into photoshop, create a selection for vertical sides, and horizontal sides, save the selection then you can use that save to delete the sides and make them a solid colour of your choice. Easy. Now I can drive for 30 minutes southwards and I will be in a town that has it’s own arcade. And I can tell you that the screens/glass fronts are filthy, scratched to hell and reflect everything light-based. That was something I was aiming for my project. Again, you can create a photoshop selection and delete them, then use that selection for the alpha channel.

I am not going to release the PSDs. I have learnt from my past that releasing too much - others then take your work and make it theirs and take all the credit. To me, it’s like releasing your source code just because someone wants it. I don’t mind what floob is doing, or hunterk cropping the configs - I never had the time to do this myself after I had already spent a couple of months on the overlays.


Well this took an odd turn.

Bit overprotective for a template.